Adopt Your Own Palm Tree 

Togetherness in Action for the Benefit of All

The aim of the Adopt-A-Palm Project is to support the people and economy of Jericho and the Jordan Valley. By adopting a date palm each one of us can help to turn the land green and productive again. 

Together we will bring beauty to the desert and hope to the people of Jericho.
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You Are Looking for?
How Can I Adopt a Palm?

It costs 210 Swiss Francs or the equivalent amount of your currency to adopt one palm tree. This covers the price of the date palm cutting, the leasing and preparation of the land, water and electricity expenses for the first 5 years and all other associated costs.

You will have the option of naming it. Local artisans will create a special name plaque for each palm tree. Have your adopted palm named after you, a loved one or any name of your choosing.
You may adopt your date palm online here

Why Is Adopting a Palm a Good Thing?

There are many good reasons for joining the Adopt-A-Palm Project. Here are a few:

  • Planting the future together  
  • Reviving agriculture in the Jordan Valley
  • Creating a Green Laboratory
  • Healing the environment
  • Creating jobs in the region
  • Encouraging organic farming

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Adopt A Palm - Unleash Your Creativity

It goes without saying that you can adopt more than one palm tree. Make a surprise gift to a family member, or show your business partners or employees how much you appreciate them. With the adoption of a palm tree you not only make a special gift to your loved ones, you also create a sustainable future for people in the Jordan Valley.   

Your adopted palm will carry the name you choose. This could be your own name, a wish, a memory... The space is wide open for your creativity! Each name plaque will be created by a local artisan. This too generates income in the region. 

Spread the Word - Tell Family and Friends!

A palm tree would make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift, wouldn't it? Please download the brochure linked below and give it to as many people as possible. You can send it via email or print it out. Thanks for supporting the Adopt-A-Palm Project.

Help spread the word!

 Download the brochure here and send it to your friends. 

Surprise Date

Isn't it a nice thought that somewhere on this planet a tree is growing because of you? Stay connected to the Adopt-A-Palm Project and discover when your adopted palm tree begins to bear fruit.

As soon as this happens we will send you a surprise gift.*

* Hint: it will be sweet and tasty.